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Scottish Photography Hides

Scottish Photography Hides offer competitive wildlife photography hides to wildlife enthusiasts. Located in South West Scotland just north of the border and set amidst the stunning scenery of Dumfries and Galloway, their hides have proven themselves to be very successful. Situation, viewpoint and lighting have been carefully considered to offer our customer an optimum experience. Please see their website for details

Some amazing recent photographs are as follows:

RF1A8434 sparrowhawk RF1A8457 sparrowhawk RF1A8476 RF1A8497 RF1A8512 juvenile Water Rail RF1A8517  juvenile Water Rail RF1A8519Sparrowhawk woth Golfinch RF1A8531Sparrowhawk with Goldfinch RF1A8636female Redstart RF1A8696 RF1A8752 female Redstart RF1A8774male and female Redstart RF1A8807 male Redstart with a Stone fly RF1A9272... RF1A9273 RF1A9276 RF1A9279 _V9A1337 _V9A1353 _V9A1396 _V9A1397 _V9A1412 _V9A1413. _V9A1455 RF1A8148

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